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Ten ways to get a good service – Part two

The second instalment of this post.

6. Get the money out of the way first up!

ALL sex workers love this. It’s just easier, more relaxing, we don’t have to ask for it… Bliss. No need to make it a drama, just say something like, “this is for you” and hand it to your worker. It shows respect, which happens to be, I think we have established, a turn on for me and many other workers I know. I’m aware that some people feel really uncomfortable with this part, but the sooner it is out of the way, the sooner you can move on to sexy times.

7. Shower time!

Please, don’t argue about having a shower. It’s five minutes maximum, and your service will be 100% better. The more enthusiastic you are during your shower with the soap and with the lathering and the rinsing, the more enthusiastic your worker will be. And now, I’m going to get graphic, because some out there don’t know how to clean their bodies. Here’s how to get the best foreplay, the best kissing, the best blowjob, and the horniest partner in bed with you.

~ Use the mouthwash provided. Whether you like it or not, it’s three seconds on this one occasion. Just do it.

~ Step into shower. Wet self all over.

~ Lather soap or body wash in your hands. Wash your body, including your armpits, the crack of your bottom, your balls and underneath your foreskin, if you have one. I mean, really pay attention to these areas. Lather, scrub and rinse. The more attention you do pay to these areas, the more attention you will receive in the most important one And believe me, if you don’t wash these areas, we can tell (really, really tell). There is little point trying to convince us to go down on you when we can see and smell pungent urine, sticky chunks of smegma, bitter sweat and wafts of poo. Sorry to be so graphic, but this is what we go through when someone doesn’t have enough respect to wash their person adequately. Also, don’t decide to write a negative review of the worker when they make their way seductively down your body and suddenly go off course upon reaching your crotch. It’s more than likely your fault because you’re not clean or similar. And for Christ’s sake, if you use the toilet, wash your hands with soap before putting your mitts on your sex worker. The amount of people who seem to miss this critical hygiene step is disturbing. If I discover someone has done this with me, I feel quite literally sick to my stomach.

~ Dry your person with the towel provided. If you choose to use the deodorant provided, only spray your underarms. Don’t spray your chest and stomach and arms. This is important as it makes kissing and licking those areas impossible. I prefer clients to use the deodorant at the conclusion of the session – I am more than happy for us to work up a significant sweat during our playtime!

8. Let’s get it on!

This is a really important point to cover. I will outline some things to keep in mind.

~ Approach kissing with softness and gentleness. If you make sure you are clean-shaven, you will get more kissing (this also applies to going down on a lady). Be sensual and slow in the way you build up your kissing with your lady – remember, you are warming her body up with the way you approach, kiss and touch her.

~ Tell your worker what you like! Don’t be shy. You can ask for things you like or want, I myself find it very sexy to know what my partner likes and to be able to pleasure them in the way they enjoy. By the same token, ask them what they like. Is it ok if you touch them here? Do they like it hard or soft? Is there somewhere special that is really erotic for them that you might never guess? This is not only hot for me, but I can see it in the face of my partner to watch me responding in an intense way to the things they are doing to me – things many others don’t ever do, because they never ask – or listen. The greatest skill of any good lover is to listen, whether that is via the ears, or the eyes, or the sensation of a body that is yielding and shivering and melting with pleasure beneath them. Pay attention.

~ And, be careful of things not to do. These are things like – don’t push to cross their boundaries during the session, whether pre-negotiated or not; don’t be rough without first checking with them, for example, don’t bite nipples or start inserting fingers into places without permission, without warm up or without lube; don’t hold them down, pull their hair or force your penis down their throat unless you have pre-negotiated a PSE style service of those types of acts. A good rule of thumb is don’t touch her hair at all. Don’t be rubbing your hands in circles around their head (I’ve never understood this), don’t be touching it with lube or cum all over your hands. Just no. A woman’s hair is a special area and she may not have two hours spare after seeing you to wash, blow dry and style her hair after the booking.

9. Now it’s time to leave the luscious arms of your sex worker.

As difficult as this may be, try to do so in a timely fashion. Don’t be that guy, the guy who digs his heels in, and just won’t leave. It creates stress for the sex worker to be trying to get you out in a panic, because they have another booking coming, or because their brother is coming to pick them up, or because they have to get to a doctor’s appointment, or whatever. Their stress will usually be hidden from you, but inside they are mentally swimming in worry that there will be a problem created because you are still there, hanging out like you live there. The other thing with serial offenders is that they require a buffer added to the booking, and that usually ends up impacting the income that the worker can earn, or the things they can do through the day. This means it’s actually harder for you to make a booking with your favourite worker. If it’s always a saga to get you out close to time and we know we’re going to be stressed and exhausted, it might be too much of a risk, so someone else can have that 2pm slot. Someone who will leave on time and respect our schedule. If I see you take a hundred years to get going, I know you’ve had a wonderful experience (I hope so anyway!) and you don’t want to go, and that’s awesome. But it’s the right thing to do to leave on or close to time. You paid for the time you had and that’s what’s fair. It’s respectful and it’s what will get you the best experience when you rebook.

10. Don’t!

It really is that easy.

Just be respectful, and kind, and you will quite literally impress the pants off us. I hope you enjoyed this new blog post! Just as this one was in response to a request for information, I'm always open to new ideas for blogs, so please let me know if there's anything you'd like to read about.

Lara xxx

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