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I absolutely love seeing couples. Genuinely pansexual, I adore women and relish having the chance to enjoy the unique pleasures being with a lady brings - and he can relish watching! Always a wonderful way to get the ball rolling, I think...

Whether it's your first time welcoming a third party into your bedroom, or you're experienced in threesomes, I know how to make you both feel relaxed and always take special care to ensure that your comfort and enjoyment is my priority. It can be nerve wracking to have a threesome for the first time, so I make sure to discuss your boundaries and any concerns you might have with you. You can trust me completely to respect you, and to put your relationship first. I believe that that way, you'll be confident and free to let go and have one of the hottest nights you've had in a while! I know you will have a great time opening up a whole new dimension to your sex life together... Also, I always speak to both parties to ensure I have full consent before going ahead with the appointment - no surprises allowed! 


TWO HOURS $1500     



*Outcalls attract an additional $100 fee

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