Two women... worldy, playful, confident, and in our prime. A red haired vixen, and a blonde bombshell, two lustful goddesses, as eager to seduce you as to pleasure each other.


Natalie and I enjoy a beautiful close friendship. As soon as we met, I was struck by Natalie's smouldering sensuality, outgoing charm, playful personality, and, let's not deny it - her incredible, intoxicatingly gorgeous bottom!  Over time, we have developed a luscious sexual connection. Feeling the softness of each other's kiss, the feeling of silky skin, we are taken away to another place when our lips meet. 

An ex fitness instructor, you will love Natalie's sparkling character, beautiful face (and derrière - I know, I'm obsessed!), her stamina, and her natural, palpable eroticism. You will enjoy my cheeky personality as I give you a run for your money with my quick wit and even quicker innuendo, and also, my long red mane of hair, gentleness and bountiful, natural breasts. Our genuine passion for each other will capture you, and draw you closer. 


Ultimately, what we need to complete the picture is the presence of a man - his touch, his scent, his mouth, his desire...

Your presence completes our fantasy. 

We are both born showponies when we have a male audience, so let us show off for you. Of course, you can watch, but don't expect to be allowed to languish, because for us, three is not a crowd! You can be assured you will never be left out. Our only expectation of you is that you authentically have fun during our time together.


We know we can tempt you out of your shell, in the privacy of our beautiful apartment. Our time together will flow naturally, with no pressure. We promise to make you feel relaxed and allow you to let your worries go. Perhaps a sexy bubble bath together? Or a naughty game? Light hearted fun, followed by passionate, playtime at your own pace.


At the dinner table, connection builds by getting to know you, who you are, what you think about. Who knows whose feet you'll be playing with under the table? We know that our warm and flirtatious manner will ensure you feel completely at ease to open up and feel truly comfortable with us throughout the evening... Until, of course, we get your heart pumping a little later. 

To follow, a sexy uptown cocktail bar? Nightclub? Or, gentleman's club? Lapdance, perhaps? Do you dare? 

Then take us home to our discreet apartment, five minutes from the city, or your hotel room. Let's take the opportunity to indulge you and make some serious memories.  



1 hour : $1100

2 hours : $2000

3 hours : $2800

4 hours : $4000

Lunch or dinner date : $3000

(2 hours dining or social time out of the bedroom, then followed by 2 hours intimate time in private. Ideas for social time may involve drinks and light meal at a bar, dining at a restaurant, or a champagne picnic)