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Passion. Curves. Heart.


lara belle


If you are a connoisseur of luscious curves, the softness of femininity, sharp intellect, the benefits of experience, and playful (occasionally highbrow and often dirty) humour, then you have found your desire in me.  

about me

Smart, sassy sweetheart. Food & wine adorer.

Tender hearted cuddler & sensualist.



I’m known for my passionate outlook on life, my kindness, my warmth, and my charm – and even deeper passion in the bedroom. 

My name is Lara, and I am a companion for men, women, gender queer people and couples, available in Sydney, Australia.


As a mature companion, I’m thoroughly enjoying being what I can only describe as my sexual prime. My sensuality is more intense than ever.

I’m intelligent, and I’ll keep you on your toes with my conversation and quick wit. However, I’m even better at listening, and I can’t wait to get to know you better, whether it’s clothed at our favourite restaurant or naked, snuggled into each other. I’m a naturally curious person, and I love to explore and learn about new topics. From world events, science and politics, to dirty jokes, satire and general silliness, we will be able to find plenty of topics to connect on, and forget the world outside.


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Don’t think I’m too serious a lover, though - at my core, I’m a playful, cheeky minx who loves to laugh. Expect to have fun in my company!


If you’re nervous, let me take the reins. I welcome you tenderly, and I promise that I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed with me. A world-class relaxation expert, I am deeply nurturing, and you can be assured that I will take care of you. My warm welcome, and even warmer embrace, will dissolve away any worries or nerves you may be experiencing.  


Being with me is like no other experience - every encounter is unique, infused to the brim with sensuality, lust, tenderness, and fun. And, above all, a chance to forget the pressures of life and simply be you. I offer myself. My body, my mind, and my heart.


I’m the perfect combination of fierce femininity, raw desire, giggles, and genuine affection. I want to discover you, know you, look after you, and I invite you to discover me, too.

You deserve something special.


Spoil yourself, and spend some time with me.


our encounter

With me, you will enjoy a very passionate experience, with lots of kissing, cuddling, sensual touches, and intoxicating foreplay.

I welcome you to discuss with me what floats your boat. You might find it floats mine, too! My tastes and interests are diverse, and I simply melt at the sight of my lover rolling around deliciously in their desire. Try me.


Please, feel welcome to share with me your desires, fantasies and naughty secrets... I want you to be completely fulfilled at the conclusion of our time together, so do let me know if there is a particular service you are looking for or want to focus on. Being together is a two way street, so work with me to have the most amazing time we can during our date!

I value my privacy, so I prefer not to display a service list online. Get in touch with me to have a chat about what I can offer you. 

I often see clients who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas in relation to being with a woman, and I genuinely enjoy these sessions - they can be about any aspect of intimacy and sex, like kissing, oral sex, or navigating a woman's body, to name just a few. Feel most welcome to ask if you would like me to play teacher for you. If the idea of a safe, accepting space in which you can ask questions, practice, and discover, take a look at my blog post, Hot For Teacher, for further information.







Brief and passionate play time, to punctuate your day with some lustful and sexy memories... 

 $650 incall / $750 outcall


A little more time - allows you to enjoy more of our time together without the pressure, but without taking too much extra time away from the office!

$950 incall / $1050 outcall


A couple of hours together allows us to feel unrushed and connect, enjoy a glass of wine if that's your desire, and spend some time pampering each other. Ideal for a first meeting if you would like the chance to really enjoy our time together. I also recommend this as a minimum for dates of an educational nature - time flies when your teacher is naked! 

$1250 incall / $1350 outcall


Really spoil yourself and forget the world outside - bring a bottle of wine if you would like, and we can relax, and get to know each other's minds as well as every inch of each other's bodies. If I am visiting you, and you would like to share a meal together but prefer to order room service, this is a fabulous option. Or, a great amount of time for the most relaxing, nerve-settling educational session. Let's luxuriate in one another...

       $1800 incall / $1900 outcall


Hours well spent... our time can unfold naturally and with ease, sipping champagne or a smooth red, leaving my lingerie scattered around the room, exploring fantasies, cuddling and relaxing in each other's arms. If you're keen on us ordering room service for a meal in robe-clad (or naked!) comfort, this is the perfect package for you.

$2300 incall / $2400 outcall



I have a voracious appetite and appreciation for food and wine - as such I am an ideal companion for dates like this. When stimulating conversation and passionate playtime combine, my perfect date is encapsulated! I would love for you to introduce me to your favourite restaurant, or alternatively, I can suggest some divine five star dining venues. After filling our bellies with delicious food and beautiful wine, I will treat you to an extra course of dessert in the privacy of our room...

$1850 (four hours) or $2300 (five hours) 






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contact me

EMAIL :                  PHONE:   0411345097

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