virtual delights 

I've never shared myself in this way. This is all brand new to me. I miss my lovers, I miss being sexual and expressing myself. So, for a limited time, I want to connect with you in some brand new ways.

I want to go where I've never been before... Take me there? 



This page is evolving with time. Please feel most welcome to contact me with requests that you do not see covered on this page thus far. And please, don't feel concerned about shocking me - let me know what you like! 


Naughty texting! Let me know what direction you'd like to go in and I'll tell you all my sexy thoughts on the subject...

15 minute increments  = $50

Phone chats 

Do you love dirty talk? Listening to my voice, sharing our fantasies - improve your day with some hot and heavy phone sex.


Remember to tell me how filthy you like it, I may be a modest, GFE kinda gal in lots of ways, but when it comes to dirty talk, I can deliver. And, tell me what you're interested in, it's hot to me to know what turns you on.


10 minute increments = $50

Custom images

Just for you.


Do you have a vision? Something you'd love to see me wearing, doing, expressing? 

If you have a specific longing, please let me know, because I love interesting ideas and welcome all kinds of naughtiness! 


Fully dressed, or in lovely lingerie = $25

Naked = $60

Intimate (for a select audience only) = $100

Specialised photos may be individually priced.

Custom video clips

This is all brand new to me, so I'm keen to have you help me learn. I LOVE being watched masturbating, and I would love to encourage you, too. But also, what would you like to see? Pricing may be adjusted depending on the request.

For super sexy clips, I will be wearing a cute little eye mask for 
privacy. For clips with full face, an additional fee applies - contact me if you're keen for this!


5 mins = from $100

10 mins = from $175 


I have a NEW video up for grabs! This one is a simple lingerie unboxing video and a try on - I have three new outfits you might like to see me in, or out of 🙊


If you're interested, make an offer here.

Zoom chats

Shall we regale each other with fascinating tales of quarantine? Do you have some questions for me? Or, would you like to chat, or play, or....? 

Sweet, flirty, intro or catch up chat date

20 mins = $75   ~   30 mins = $100 

Sexy, cheeky, let's-get-it-on date 

10 mins = $100   ~   15 mins = $150   ~   30 mins = $200 


Martini with Miss Fleur! Switch Miss Lara and Miss Fleur make mischief! An exclusive quarantine treat. = $360 for 30 minute video chat 

❤️ Virtual Girlfriend ❤️


Would you like me to be your virtual girlfriend? Would you like a good morning text, some chat, a couple of sexy pics and an affectionate goodnight?

$150 for a day (approximately 9am - 9pm)

To enquire, please include: 

1. Your name, email and phone number 


2. Let me know what you're interested in! What's your jam? What turns you on? I am naturally inclined to love to please, so please feel absolutely welcome to let me know your desires.