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January 2019

Oh Lara, what a dream.

I'd long been a fan of Lara's online. Her Twitter profile in particular exudes her intelligence, warm personality, and of course her physical beauty. 

Finally, a visit to Melbourne meant we could finally meet.

A phone call beforehand was deliciously inviting, while also easy in sorting out logistics.

In the flesh, she is as enchanting as one could hope. Quick to make me feel comfortable after a long day of work, my time with her was equal parts sexy, sassy and sophisticated. 

Our time together was perfect, in every respect. Her body is beautiful, her brain equally inviting. 

I'm already looking forward to our next time together.

EG - 
January 21, 2019


January 2019

In life we can build up expectations of our planned future experiences. We can find ourselves daydreaming about how we see these future experiences playing out. Then when we get to live out these experiences we can either find ourselves either sadly disappointed as the experience didn’t live up to our expectations or pleasantly surprised as the experience exceeded our expectations. 

These words apply to my encounter with Lara Belle. For a long while I have wanted to see Lara but circumstances meant that until recently that hadn’t been a possibility. Fortunately the stars aligned for me & I was able to make a booking with Lara. Now prior to the booking I had done my research & visited her Scarlet Blue profile, looked at her twitter account(and just not the pictures) & perused her website. During this process, I became entranced by all the beautiful pictures, the sense of humour I found in her words & posts on twitter & the passion she expressed in the causes Lara rallied for & against. So as the booking came closer I began to daydream about my first glimpse of Lara, of seeing Lara smile at something mildly funny I said, of feeling her first gentle touch on my skin & other more x rated activities. 

Well now as I write this in the euphoric afterglow of the encounter I’ve had with Lara this afternoon. I can safely say that the encounter with Lara not only exceeded my expectations but shattered my expectations. As stunningly beautiful as her pictures are, in person Lara was even more beautiful. To say Lara has a beautiful mind & a kind heart is just an injustice to how much fun & how beautiful is Lara’s nature and as for her skill on top of bedsheets let’s just say if we would equate skill on top of bedsheets with the ability to paint then Lara would be grouped with Rembrandt, Da Vinci & Botticelli. 

To finish this review I’ll tweak a series of tweets that Lara often posts on her twitter account called we rate dogs.

This is Lara Belle. She is a beautiful human being. The beauty she radiates can’t be adequately described in a 100 words, a 1,000 words or even a 1,000,000 words. 110/100 would agree.

Hugh - January 20, 2019


January 2019

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lara two times now. I’ve had 2 fantastic experiences with her and always leave with a huge smile on my face. I’ll definitely be seeing her again.

Alex - January 19, 2019

December 2018

Meeting Lara was an unforgettable experience. Her beauty, warmth and sensuality left a permanent mark on my heart and I don’t think this memory will ever fade. Thank you for making me feel so special.


Matt - December 23, 2018

Testimonial for Lara Belle
I believe there is an escort out there for everyone, and that what attracts me to a lady may not be the same as what attracts someone else.  Lara Belle is the escort for me, and if you feel attracted to the same qualities that I am, then I’m sure she will also be the lady for you.


I have been lucky enough to enjoy the companionship of Lara a number of times. I have no need to tell you about what a beautiful lady she is.  One look at her photo gallery should be enough to prove that.  


No matter if it’s for a lunch date or time in the bedroom, she presents herself with style and elegance.  There is nothing ostentatious about what she wears, but her taste is always eye catching.  Whether it is the scent of perfume on her skin or the pieces of jewellery she’s wearing, it’s always just enough.


Allow me to tell you about Lara the person.  Her twitter bio says, “tender hearted, strong willed”, and those four words are perfect.  But there’s also her intelligence, sense of humour, and humility.  Her personality is so engaging that when it is time to part ways, I miss the conversation as much as I do the activities on the bed.


And so, we get to the bedroom activities.  Everyone has different expectations in the bedroom, and Lara has fulfilled my desires and fantasies.  She has done it with professionalism, passion, and intimacy.    I would suggest you talk to Lara and see if what you like in the bedroom is what she can offer.  She will listen to you with open mindedness, without judgement, and with discretion.  If she is able to fulfil your desires, your satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed.  Lara describes her service as the girlfriend experience.  That is accurate, but I would add that it’s an experience with a dash of mischief mixed in.

@dannotthatwylde - 
September 2016


A dinner date
"Dear Lara,

I had such a great time Sunday last, I wanted to take a moment to thank you properly.

So, Thank You!

Well, that seems hopelessly inadequate. Let me try again. I recall that at one point we were discussing what it is that makes you special. You are, among other things, smart, charming and very, very funny. And, having previously squirted the thesauraus part of my brain out of my nose with the beer in laughter at the table, the best that I could come up with was you being “Giving”.

But it’s so much more than that. It is also being intuitive, empathetic and responsive. It is about recognising the physical and emotional needs of a Client and reacting accordingly. It is, perhaps, subverting your own wants and desires but never-ever your integrity or honesty. It is about a lot of things that I still cannot properly explain but that you do so very well. What I do know, however, is that you managed to turn around the fortunes of one very tired, exceedingly grumpy and very sore (due to an injury) guy. Within minutes of your arrival you had managed to perk him up, lift his mood and help him forget his discomfort. I call that remarkable...

I feel privileged and honoured to have met you.

Until our paths cross again, warmest regards, GKP"

GKP - March 2015

A Couple's Booking
"My husband and I had been discussing engaging in a threesome for some time and we finally decided to take the plunge. After some research we came across Lara's profile and both knew she would be perfect. We began emailing Lara to organise a date, she was prompt with her replies and said she would like to speak to us over the phone before we met. I'll admit I was a little anxious about speaking with Lara but she immediately made me feel at ease. We discussed my boundaries and she assured me she wouldn't do anything on the night without first checking with me.

The night finally arrived and I met Lara in the foyer of our hotel, she had a beautiful, infectious smile that made me feel as if I'd know her for years! We went upstairs to join my husband and chatted the whole way in the lift. When we got into the room we all enjoyed a glass of wine and a chat.

When I kissed Lara for the first time it was amazing she was soft and warm, I didn't want it end! We moved onto the bed where we undressed each other and Lara brushed her amazing breasts up and down my body, it was one of the most sensual experiences I've ever had. We spent some time playing with each other’s breasts before Lara moved down to DATY on me. Having never been with a women before I was a bit apprehensive about whether I would enjoy this but Lara was wonderful, she was so soft and gentle and there is unquestionable truth in the saying a “women knows what a woman likes”! I then returned the favour and was pleasantly surprised with the reaction I got from Lara, I really didn’t think I’d be able to give another women an orgasm. Not wanting to leave my husband out of the fun Lara and I moved onto playing out every man’s fantasy, two women sharing his cock. Whilst I sucked his cock Lara licked and sucked his balls he was living out his very own porn star moment! We finished the night with me going down on Lara whilst my husband took me from behind. Afterwards we lay on the bed together chatting and it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

I would recommend Lara to any other couple looking to experience a threesome."

C & M

Dinner with Lara – A Quintessential Sydney Experience

"Paris may have the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triumph. New York may have Times Square, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. In Sydney, however, you will find the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge … and Miss Lara Belle.

I was privileged in October this year to have accompanied Lara on a dinner date and I cannot commend her highly enough for a discerning gentleman looking for the quintessential Sydney experience.

Lara responded promptly to my email booking request, sounded lovely on the phone and made a couple of excellent dining suggestions. When we met, Lara was dressed beautifully. Her overall appearance and demeanour was absolutely delightful. She is a sophisticated, intelligent, witty woman who is also very down to earth. Rarely have I enjoyed a dinner date this much, from the conversation, to Lara’s “sensual” eating style, to the venue, to the overall engaging company. The weather happened to be awful that night, but who could complain? There I sat at dinner surveying the view of two of Sydney’s icon’s across the harbour and her third icon sitting beside me at the dinner table!

In the bedroom, Lara has it all. She is a “natural” in every sense of the word; physically, mentally and spiritually. She wears exquisite lingerie. She is tall and curvy but beautifully proportioned. She has a rare combination of natural confidence, warmth and raunch. I have no clear recollection of what time we entered the bedroom or what time we left, as it was one of those evenings that just flowed naturally and had a bit of everything. Slow, sensual kissing and foreplay. Tender lovemaking. Vigour, energy and urgency. Real connection and intimacy. This with a woman who I had only met a couple of hours previously, but a woman who truly thrives in, and genuinely enjoys, the company of a man.

Perhaps most importantly, every word Lara has to say about herself in her advertising is completely accurate. If you’re looking for a bimbo, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking to spend time with a real woman, a woman of substance, style, charm, wit and sensuality, a woman who truly knows how to treat a man, this is the woman you want to see. If you’re a visitor from interstate or overseas with a spare evening on your hands and you want to experience Sydney at it’s finest, give Lara a call."

Charlie M - November 2013


Beautiful Lara

"From the moment you decide to make contact with Lara she will put you at ease and make you feel relaxed. Contacting Lara is easy via email, just send a quick request on date and time and she will get back to you in a reasonable time to confirm a meeting.

As soon as she opens the door she always makes me feel very welcome and relaxed. I’m always greeted with a long lasting passionate kiss and a wonderful lasting embrace from this voluptuous lady.

Lara always eases my nerves and engages in wonderful conversation, while she gently holds my hand. Once again the time I get to spend with her is unrushed, sensual and exhilarating. Lara is very generous with her time and always makes you feel like you are with a lover and not at a timed meeting. She is in tune with what I like in the bedroom and what I like to talk about.

I have seen her now for almost 3 years and always leave feeling wonderful, with a smile on my face and planning our next meeting date.

I have always felt comfortable with Lara; she is always respectful with my time and is discreet whenever I contact her or when we are meeting.

I will be back to see her again soon, where I know that our time together will be passionate, stimulating and exciting."


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