Q&A with Lara, Part 4

Q: You don’t show your naked body off in your photos and I want to see more. Can I have a nude pic of you? A: Sure. I have had a handful of people ask this in the last few months, so here goes.

Except my boobs are bigger, I usually look a lot happier, my hair is redder and it doesn’t quite reach my knees. If you’d like to see more, you’ll have to come and see me ;) Q: What do you wear on dinner dates? A: It depends. My default outfit is something involving a nice dress, usually to or just above the knee, something sexy and elegant. I’ll pair this with heels, and sometimes stockings too. I usually ask my client what he would like me to wear. The most common answer is “a nice dress, a bit sexy”. Convenient! Other times, I will wear something with a bit more of a corporate feel (but still a little sexy) so that we both look like we’ve come from the office. A more corporate dress, or a skirt and top. Then, there are the times a client will request something casual, like jeans, or a pretty summer dress. These outfits are great for certain restaurants, or for picnics in the park. For me, it’s important that I look discreet at all times, so that my client feels comfortable and can enjoy himself whilst we are out together. If requested, I will wear something more conservative and show less cleavage than usual. This can be tricky because when you are very busty, sometimes trying to cover the girls simply ends up in them becoming really, really obvious, so it needs to be done with care. Either way, elegance and expressing some of my personality are my go-to parameters. I am tall, curvy and have a more than ample bosom, so I already stand out without having to wear very short, tight dresses (but I’m more than happy to wear that sort of thing for you in the bedroom). Feel welcome to make requests of your sex worker when it comes to your date out of the boudoir. If they have something like what you are after, they’ll surely be happy to parade around in it for you! Q: Do I bring my own condoms or do you have all that stuff? A: No, I have all those accoutrements, you don't have to worry about any of that. Sometimes, clients bring their own condoms and lube. However, I prefer to use my own, for a few reasons. Firstly, safety. Condoms are something that I use to protect my health (and yours), and so it's really important that they are in good shape when I unwrap one and roll it down your manhood. I know how my condoms have been stored - whether they've been exposed to sunlight or heat, for example, which can degrade the latex - and know that they have not been tampered with in anyway. I know that they haven't expired. I know that the latex is at its best and is at its least likely to break. Secondly, comfort. Some clients feel that they require extra large condoms, and that's fine - I have them. It's incredibly rare that a client seeing me will be uncomfortable in one of the condoms I use, because I have a range of sizes available. For me, comfort is important too. Different types of condoms have different types of lubricant on them, and some of those lubricants don't agree with my delicate lady parts. Some women, like me, find that they get sore with some brands of condoms, or that they get thrush or other type of irritation. This is the same with some brands of lube. As you can imagine, this takes the sexy out of sexy times. (It's the same reason why soap, body lotion and some oils are not a good idea to rub into the area. Or fruit, just FYI. Once, during a double, a lady inserted a strawberry into my vagina. Don't ever do this. They're very hard to get out, for one, and secondly, the resulting "situation" meant that I had to have a week off work afterwards!) Feel free to bring a specific lube for yourself though - if you're into anal play, you might like a particular brand or type, and it's a great idea to bring it along for your enjoyment. I hope you've enjoyed Q&A, episode 4. Remember, all your questions are welcome :) Lara xxx

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