The topsy-turvy dinner date

Just a short post on being creative with your dinner or lunch date booking. I love lunch and dinner dates, because they combine all my absolute favourite things in life - food, wine, conversation, flirting, and sex. I get to select some saucy lingerie to wear, maybe some stockings, heels, and must decide how much cleavage to show (what a choice to have to make!). And because, for me, the brain is so important - a place where intellectual sparring happens, sexual connection develops and the lustful tension that builds that inevitably bursts into the most passionate release, the lunch/dinner date is just so, so much fun.

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Almost always, the order of the date goes like this. Meet at room or restaurant, relax, enjoy a luscious three course meal, and then back to the room for sexy times. This is fantastic, especially if we haven't met each other before. We can spend sometime getting to know one another, letting that aforementioned tension build, before going back to the room. I think that this kind of date can really mean that nerves are disspelled, walls are broken down, and the newfound ease of being together can lead to some particularly amazing intimacy because some connection has been established. There are some alternatives, though, which are rarely thought of. They just might suit you, so I thought I'd share them. You can do it the other way around. We meet and have some playtime in the room, and then go out for our meal. This is great because you tend to feel more relaxed and can enjoy your food and you're not having to get physical when you're too full of good food and lovely wine :) and it really does have that lovely, familiar 'GFE' feel. This really is a delightful way to do it. The only thing we have to do is not being late for the restaurant booking, it's pure relaxation. Sometimes it can be best to go for an extended lunch or dinner package (usually five hours instead of four, but they can be as long as you wish) if you really want to take your time. Alternatively, if you're a person who wants to cum more than once in your lunch or dinner date booking, an option is to meet and have playtime, then go for our meal, then back to the room a second time for round two. This gives you recovery time in between the nookie and suits those who love their intimate time to be of the heated, passionate, quickie kind! (Lots of women love this - rather than a long singular round, two shorter rounds can be very sexy!) As you can see, the structure of the booking is dependent on your requirements, your style, how you are in the boudoir, and also, the person you're seeing. And, even though it's a booking that partially takes place outside the bedroom, it's still important to remember that the duration you have booked is the duration the appointment should be. So, it's a good idea to communicate about your expectations and how you'd love the date to flow along so that your sex worker can help to plan the best booking for you. Bon appétit ;)

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