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Monday, 28 July 2014

Many of you who know me know I am a home loving, change-avoiding woman. I’m an introverted Cancerian who would dig her nails into the floorboards at the idea of being dragged out of her comfy, love-drenched sanctuary. That includes both my home, and my work quarters.

Well, the times they are a-changing. I’m still trying to mentally pry each of my fingernails out of the oak.

My circumstances are shifting, and as a result, my incall situation will also be evolving. At this stage I don’t know exactly what will be happening, but I wanted to let everyone know that it’s in motion. I’ll share more when I know. I will be doing incalls and outcalls as per usual.

One of the changes that will be happening is that I will be moving house, and also moving from my incall. As a result, I’m going to be quite busy, but still plan to, and want to, be available for bookings. Please try to give me as much notice as possible, and feel free to tip or gift me a voucher for my preferred removalist company I’m sure I will be ever-so-charmingly hysterical as a result of the stress, and I will be in need of… Well, let’s just say ‘release’. So please come and give it to me. I’m serious. Really. In fact, now is good. I’ll go and shave my legs.

So, there you have it. If you want to get dirty with me in my current incall one last time, get onto it. I’ll be buying a guest book for you to sign as we give it one last hurrah.

Looking forward to seeing you in old and new places in the near future!

Lara xxx

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