our encounter

With me, you will enjoy a very passionate girlfriend experience, with lots of kissing, cuddling, sensual touches, and intoxicating foreplay. You will find me ready and waiting for you in the finest lingerie, stockings, maybe a corset, or a slip... I have a very expansive collection.  

Please, feel welcome to share with me your desires, fantasies and naughty secrets... I want you to be completely fulfilled at the conclusion of our time together, so do let me know if there is a particular service you are looking for or want to focus on. Being together is a two way street, so work with me to have the most amazing time we can during our date!

I often see clients who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas in relation to being with a woman, and I genuinely enjoy these sessions - they can be about any aspect of intimacy and sex, like kissing, oral sex, or navigating a woman's body, to name just a few. Feel most welcome to ask if you would like me to play teacher for you. If the idea of a safe, accepting space in which you can ask questions, practice, and discover, take a look at this page for further information.  

Some suggestions...

  • Lots of passionate, deep French kissing

  • Mutual oral sex

  • Spanish - prepare to be enveloped...

  • Mutual masturbation

  • Multiple orgasms for us both

  • Tie and tease - let me sensually tie you up, blindfold you, and tease and tantalise you with all manner of   sensations, implements, and surprises. You won't know what I'll do (or touch) next!

  • Toys - you can watch me play, you can take charge, or you can let me have my way with you! I love to watch and be watched.

  • Light BDSM on you

  • Cross-dressing

  • COB - I absolutely love this, it's a huge turn on for me! 

  • Dirty talk

  • Sex in a variety of positions

  • Talking on a range of topics, rolling around laughing, relaxing and forgetting about the world outside

  • Lunch or dinner dates 

  • Fantasies and fetishes - because I like to allow my sessions to flow with natural enjoyment for the both of us, I refrain from a service list in relation to fantasies and fetishes. I welcome you to discuss with me what floats your boat. You might find it floats mine, too! My tastes and interests are diverse, and I simply melt at the sight of my lover rolling around deliciously in their desire. Try me.

ALL services are at my discretion. I love what I do, but hygiene and respect are precursors to everything we do together. When it comes to the provision of any and all services, the responsiblity is shared between us.

Please do not ruin the mood by asking for unsafe services. I always use condoms for sex and deep throat oral sex.

I reserve the right to terminate the booking with no refund given in the event that you are rude, rough, or disrespectful to me. I will not see anyone who makes me feel uncomfortable and this boundary is firm.

Couples! Oh yes, I would love to see you, so much so that you have your own page here!